Power Up Your Pebble with Pal

Pal is a revolutionary smartstrap developed for Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time 2. Pal’s independent GPS and extra battery provides true freedom while you are out on the trail.


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Packed with Features

Industry Leading GPS

Quick signal pickup allows you to track performance from the start, independently of your phone.

Essential Endurance

250mAh lithium li polymer battery provides 24 hours of GPS tracking and extends battery life by 7 days.

Smartphone Apps

Sync GPS data with your Smartphone. Display status and easily share with your friends.

Pebble Community

Built on open platform allows developers to create apps for Pal. The innovation never stops.

Lightweight and Durable

Only 65 grams when combined with Pebble. All the functionality and none of the bulk.

Ergonomically Engineered

Fits comfortably on every wrist, easily interchangeable and sweat-resistant.

How it Works

High Performance

Pal is comprised of Qualcomm SiRF GPS module, 250mAh Li-ion battery and micro-controller unit that handles GPS data calculation, power management and communication with Pebble. When GPS is activated, it consumes power from Pal’s own battery, not Pebble’s.

Effective Power Efficiency

GPS data received from satellites are processed by Pal’s MCU and results are pumped to Pebble for display and storage. Pal’s battery recharges Pebble when user manually activates the function or when Pebble’s battery runs low to trigger auto-charging.

Smartly Engineered

Connecting pins between Pal and Pebble are surrounded by soft gasket, making Pal withstand sweat or light splashes. If water gets between connecting pins, Pal’s electronic design has protection measure and it won’t be damaged.



Pal strap colors
Pal for Pebble Time, Time 2 and Time Steel
Strap base: graphite grey
Strap: graphite grey, maple red

Dimensions of Band:
Length: 250mm
Width: Strap 22mm, Strap base 28mm

65g with watch,  40g without watch

Compatible for iOS and Android users.

It provides access to GPS performance data, which can be shared with friends and family. It can review the location log records from the GPS, and display the route and running information (e.g. pace, speed, lap time, altitude, etc). Users can preset targets and measure performance against their goals.

Sharing: Users can upload their records to a preferred social platform through shortcut keys in the app to share their progress with friends.

CE, FCC, IC in progress

GNSS support:
GPS only
TTFF cold fix time: about 40 seconds under open sky
Location hot fix: within 10 seconds

Battery capacity: 250mAh
Battery chemistry: Lithium Ion Polymer
Nominal voltage: 3.8V
Pebble watch’s battery: can be charged from either PAL’s internal battery or external charging port underneath Pal
Pal’s internal battery: charge up from charging port underneath Pal

Every Pebble Deserves a Pal