Newest Updates (June, 2017)

Pal is delivered to early backers and pre-orders in early June 2017.

For Pal users about setup and application

The Pal strap seems not responding / “Status” remains red

If “Status” remains red, it is probably because Pal strap has too little power.  In this case, please charge Pal.

Another possibility is Pal strap got stuck.  You can reset Pal strap by removing it from Pebble for 10 seconds.  It is automatically reset.  You shall see the charging icon when you mount Pal back to Pebble. It means the connection between Pebble and Pal is built and Pal’s CPU is running normally.


Why it takes a long time to initiate GPS logging from Searching to Ready?

Effective initial location fix of GPS requires an open sky.

Open sky means a wide open area without tall buildings around.  The middle of a football field is under an open sky, whereas on a street of downtown Manhattan is probably not.

Under open sky, GPS initial location fix shall be done within 2-3 minutes.

Avoid high speed movement (like driving) during location fix would also speed up its fix time.



Why GPS logging seems inaccurate in the beginning of my exercise?

GPS needs few minutes to gather more data to eliminate errors and improve accuracy.  Maintain open sky environment and avoid high speed movement (like driving) during the initial location fix process would also speed up the accuracy refining.  Typically high accuracy is reached in few minutes after initial location fix.


Understand GPS initializing – GPS cold fix and hot fix

When we start using Pal’s GPS, it starts gathering signals from satellites to compute position.  Initial computation requires more satellites and stronger signals.  Hence it needs open sky environment.  Time required varies from 30 seconds to few minutes depending on the environment.  This initial computation process is called position cold fix.

After initial position fix, Pal has gathered and stored satellites information.  Relatively weaker GPS signals or less satellite can be sufficient for sustaining GPS positioning. Even if user goes indoor for a short while (e.g. 5 minutes) without any satellite signal, and then come back to outdoor environment afterwards, the device can make use of the stored satellite information and quickly compute position within few seconds.  This quick positioning using stored satellite information is called position hot fix.

However, if user stays indoor or turn off Pal’s GPS for hours, stored satellite information become invalid and GPS has to start initializing (Cold Fix) again.


Why can’t Pal’s GPS work like mobile phone / Does Pal have AGPS?

Due to limited population of Pebble Pal community, we are unable to open an AGPS service subscription with Qualcomm SIRF.  Hence Pal needs to go through GPS initializing (Position Cold Fix) process every time when it is turned on


How to reset Pal?

You can reset Pal strap by removing it from Pebble for 10 seconds.  It is automatically reset.  You shall see the charging icon when you mount Pal back to Pebble. It means the connection between Pebble and Pal is built and Pal’s CPU is running normally.

Reset Pal doesn’t erase any not-yet-uploaded GPS data


About Pal:

Pal and Pal-T2 model names:

Due to ceased delivery of Pebble Time 2, we have combined our product model Pal and Pal-T2. The combined model Pal has a lens (originally for Time 2), and will work just like the original Pal.

What colors do they come in?

Strap base: graphite grey
Strap: graphite grey, maple red

Can Pal work for Pebble Time and Time Steel even with the lens?

Yes, the lens will not affect how Pal work, it was designed for Time 2 the watches HRM only so that it can work for all 3 models.


How heavy is Pal?

Together with Pebble is 68 grams, making it one of the lightest GPS watches on the market.


Does this work for geocaching?

Pal does not come with an app for geocaching. However, it captures and records GPS original data and has an open platform for other developers to develop GPS related apps such as geocaching.


Does this sync to my phone in real time?

Pal has a companion app Hey Pal to sync with your phone when they are Bluetooth connected. The Pal app on your phone will manage each GPS trip data and store them as exercise records.


Is Pal waterproof?

Pal is water resistant and is good for weather, sweat or splash water.  During production, we have conducted 100% water resistance test.

However, Pal’s water resistance level is not good enough for swimming. Water won't damage Pal, but Pal cannot perform well when there's water getting between the connection pins interfering the data transmission.


Is Pal supporting AGPS?

No, Pal is not supporting AGPS.  Without AGPS, Pal’s TTFF cold fix time is about 40 seconds under open sky. Location hot fix is within 10 seconds.


What other apps will work with the Pal GPS?

There are countless ideas out there in the developers’ community. To name a few that we have heard so far: Bike GPS, Geocaching, Emergency locating, Geo Fencing, apps bridging to popular exercise tracking platform, etc..


Does Pal constantly charge the Pebble?

Charging Pebble by Pal is triggered upon:

  • Attachment of Pal to Pebble, OR
  • Selecting the charging function at Hey Pal watch app “Status” page.

Charging will last for one hour.  It will stop charging until you trigger the charging function again.


Do I have to unload Pebble from Pal for charging?

You don’t have to unload Pebble from Pal for charging. They can be charged together at the same time using the same Pebble cable. Charging time is about the same as you charge Pebble only.


How do I get in contact with you?

Please email us at pal@palstrap.com and our team will get back to you.