Newest Updates (Mar, 2017)

Due to the news of Pebble, there will be some changes to our product.

Information about factory arrangements:

Arrangement with the factory has been settled to reduce quantity of Pal / Pal-T2 as a result of Pebble Time 2 cancellation.

Factory charged higher unit cost as expected and demanded a surcharge for unmet minimum order quantity and extra materials already ordered. As the total transaction is reduced, factory has reduced the range of colors. We have signed off the new quotation so that production can continue without further delay.

About Pal and Pal-T2:

We will produce Pal and Pal-T2 together in the same lot. They are now all virtually the Pal-T2 model as we have included the lens, and will work just like the original Pal. We will not charge any upgrade cost which we mentioned some time ago, but we will not be able to offer back any price difference for those who pledged Pal-T2.

Colors will be in either Grey or Red.

When will Pal begin to ship?

With the factory re-arrangement settled as well as some issues found in the first production samples, we are currently fixing the issues and plan to deliver in March 2017. Please note that due to the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, China factories typically close from 2-4 weeks for long holiday, therefore an extra few weeks of delay from out end.

What colors do they come in?

Strap base: graphite grey
Strap: graphite grey, maple red

Can Pal work for Pebble Time and Time Steel even with the lens?

Yes, the lens will not affect how Pal work, it was designed for Time 2 the watches HRM only so that it can work for all 3 models.

How heavy is Pal?

Together with Pebble is 65 grams, making it one of the lightest GPS watches on the market.

Does this work for geocaching?

With independent GPS that can show coordinates, Pal is a perfect GPS device for geocaching. Some developers have already mentioned developing geocaching app. It is very likely a geocaching app will be available in the near future.

Does this sync to my phone in real time?

Pal will sync with your phone when they are Bluetooth connected. The Pal app on your phone will manage each GPS trip data and store them as exercise records.

Is Pal waterproof?

Pal is designed to be water resistant and is good for weather, sweat or splash water. Formal testing will be done when the final pre-production sample is created. We are targeting to achieve IPx7 certification.

IPx7 is not good enough for swimming. Water won't damage Pal, but Pal cannot perform well when there's water getting between the connection pins interfering the data transmission.

Is Pal supporting AGPS?

We are in talks with Qualcomm to open up AGPS support. Before AGPS is in place, Pal’s TTFF cold fix time is about 40 seconds under open sky. Location hot fix is within 10 seconds.

What other apps will work with the Pal GPS?

There are countless ideas out there in the developers’ community. To name a few that we have heard so far: Bike GPS, Geocaching, Emergency locating, Geo Fencing, apps bridging to popular exercise tracking platform, etc. I believe many of these apps will be ready soon and we are actively looking to partner with developers.

Does Pal constantly charge the Pebble?

We created Pal to charge the Pebble only when the user activates power support or when Pebble's battery drops to very low level.

Do I have to unload Pebble from Pal for charging?

You don’t have to unload Pebble from Pal for charging. They can be charged together at the same time using the same Pebble cable. Charging time is about the same as you charge Pebble only.

How do I get in contact with you?

Please email us at pal@palstrap.com and our team will get back to you.

For Kickstarter Backers

When do I choose my colors?

We will send out a survey at the end where you will be able to choose your colors.

Any priorities for shipping dates for Kickstarter Backers?

Yes, the shipment dates are the same, but Kickstart Backers products will be shipped first prior to other pre-orders.
Shipping will be in Jan 2017.

Do I have to wait for Pal delivery to get my Pebble Watch?

We will arrange shipping out Pebble as soon as the campaign completes and logistics arrangement is done. So you will have time to enjoy and get familiar with your Pebble watch while Pal is in production.