Pal Installation & User Guide

Thank you for using Pal – GPS & Battery Smartstrap for Pebble! Please follow the instruction below to:

  1. Mount Pal on your Pebble watch
  2. Install Hey Pal app on your Pebble watch
  3. Install companion app Hey Pal on your Android or IOS mobile phone

1. Mount and dismount Pal to your Pebble

Please refer to the following instruction video for mounting and releasing Pal from Pebble, charging and putting on your Pal.

Mount Pal on Pebble

Release Pal from Pebble

Charge Pal

Adjust strap length of Pal

Charge Pebble by Pal’s battery

Start using Pal GPS

2. Download & install Hey Pal on your Pebble

You can download this watch app from Pebble App Store, or you may download here.

Refer to Hey Pal Basic Operation Manual to understand how the app works.

3. Install Hey Pal companion app on your phone (Android / IOS).

The Hey Pal companion phone app let your upload your exercise GPS log to your phone. Enter your email below to go to Hey Pal companion phone app (Android / IOS) download

Email address:  

Refer to Refer to the video GPS log upload illustrating steps to upload exercise data to phone.

Firmware Upgrade

We keep refining Pal’s firmware. Download improved firmware below.
IMPORTANT: Firmware upgrade process takes about 1 minute. It requires non-interrupted communication between Pebble and Pal.

Download Pal Firmware (version 13)
Dated: 10 May 2017
Revision History: Initial release

Download Pal Firmware (version 15) or Pebble App Store
Dated: 26 May 2017
Revision History: Minor Bug Fix

Refer to the video Pal Firmware Upgrade illustrating steps to upgrade firmware.

For Developer

Here is the API document of Pal.